Climate Change, Call For Action

Climate Change is a huge threat, and happening.

Climate Change, Call For Action

Climate change can be described as a change in climate variables, in particular, things like temperature and rainfall. The changes occur progressively over a long period of time (50 to one hundred years), though recently it seems that we, human, have accelerated the latest change by abusing carbon emissions. Those emissions are largely due to fossil fuel consumption but not only. Climate change could also be powered by natural factors, like added aerosols from volcanic eruptions. Based on what we know, those natural fluctuations are not material in what we see in the form of climate change, known as global warming.

The role of human activity that leads to a rise in temperature is a complex mechanism but well understood. The results are however very concerning: Global warming leads to food supply issues, migration issues, health issues and many other social disasters.

Hence it is everyone’s responsibility to contain climate change, starting with businesses. Indeed businesses are typically the ones either creating the products that drive to creating carbon emissions and related issues. Also, businesses are consumers of those products but can use their buying power influence to pressure the producer to abide by sustainability rules. Climate change is at stake, and much more.

Do Your Bit.


Photo by Greg Bakker on Unsplash

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