Making your business a sustainable one

CSR is the right tool to make your business sustainable.

Making your business a sustainable one

 Corporate sustainability has many benefits, for both your company and the environment.

Corporate sustainability is a concept that should matter to even the smallest businesses.  Even if you could not care less about the environment (hopefully that isn’t the case), sustainability helps to attract talented employees, creates a positive public image and will cut expenses and increase revenue.  In short, it’s a business plan that makes sense for pretty much everyone.

What is it?  In short, it’s a business approach that takes into consideration how the business is interacting with the culture, environment and economy.  Those businesses which consider sustainability will often develop a “greener” business plan.  They will work to decrease use of fossil fuels, be aware of waste and, generally, have a positive (or at least NEUTRAL) effect on the environment.

Sometimes business owners are blinded by the “quick” buck and chase short-term financial gain without considering whether they can sustain their business practices long term. The point of sustainability is to create a business plan that is conscious of the business’ impact on its society, and the planet, as well as long-term goals for the company.

How can you work to make your business sustainable?  There are many things to consider. However, an extremely important factor to consider at the moment is your company’s carbon footprint and what effect you are having on the earth’s atmosphere.  The easiest way to do so is to start carbon accounting and then offsetting your carbon emissions.  The goal of this practice is carbon neutrality.  You can think of carbon neutrality as bringing your “carbon checkbook” to zero. For everything that you do that causes carbon emissions, you would do something to offset this.  For example, if you clear land for a new office, you should “credit” your account by planting trees.

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