The importance of paper use reduction

Paper use reduction to keep forests healthy

The importance of paper use reduction

Excessive paper use can have a substantial impact on the environment, and cutting it down can benefit both businesses and the planet.


Paper use reduction allows for minimizing the negative environmental impact caused by cutting down trees and filling landfills with millions of tons of waste. With American workers using approximately 10,000 sheets of paper each year, about 300 million tons of paper are used each year, just in the USA. How many acres of forests must be destroyed to supply the needed resources for that amount of paper? Approximately 300 million acres.

There is a limited source of forests available on the planet, so the heavy use of paper by businesses is not a sustainable practice. Luckily, we have developed technology that allows for an easy transition into a paperless work culture. While being more eco-friendly, paper use reduction implementation can also be more convenient. Think about the logistics included with the use of paper. Corporations must purchase the paper, printer, ink, shredders, trash cans, trash bags and the list goes on.

Your corporation can look into electronic solutions to reduce paper use, cut costs, increase efficiency and reduce your eco-foot print.

Steps you can take to reduce paper use:

  • Use e-mail whenever possible
  • Make presentations on PowerPoint on other computer software
  • Create e-books instead of paper manuals
  • Keep your mailing lists current and make sure that the people who you are sending paper mailings to actually will be getting them and opening them
  • Use scrap paper for notes and sketches
  • Email customers receipts
  • Reduce use of paper plates, cups, etc. and stock the break room with ceramic mugs, plates, silverware and more.

By implementing these steps and other paper reducing measures, each business and person can help to reduce the destruction of forests and stop the creation of new landfills. While the transition can seem overwhelming, keep in mind that electronic storage of data can also result in improved reporting and increased quality of work.

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