The link between greenhouse gases and carbon accounting and offsetting

Carbon accouniting

The link between greenhouse gases and carbon accounting and offsetting

By carbon accounting and carbon offsetting, small business owners can help minimize the impacts of Greenhouse Gases on the atmosphere and our environment.


We hear a lot of talk and read a lot of articles about Greenhouse Gases (or GHGs) everywhere these days.  Most people have a basic understanding that GHGs are having a negative effect on the environment.  However, aside from that most basic knowledge, most average people know very little about what they are or what effects that they are having.  A simple definition of GHGs is that they are gases in the atmosphere of Earth.  They include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and others.

The issue isn’t their mere existence. Their existence is actually vital and important to our environment. Without them, our planet would be substantially colder. The issue is more complicated than that and, basically, started with the Industrial Revolution. When industry boomed, humans began clearing land of trees, as well as burning fossil fuels.  These two practices led to an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which led to The Greenhouse Effect.  Without going into a lot of detail, one can imagine how this upset of the balance of the gases in the planet’s atmosphere would negatively affect the environment.

You may be wondering what the average business owner or manager can do to affect the atmosphere.  On your own, nothing.  However, if all small and medium business owners make small changes and take minor steps to change their practices, they will be able to create a positive change.  Through carbon accounting and carbon offsetting, business owners can work toward carbon neutrality which will result in the business doing everything that they can to decrease their effects on the environment.

Carbon accounting and carbon offsetting are merely terms that describe calculating the company’s CO2 emissions and the attempt to offset those negative effects.  Moreover, carbon neutrality is the goal.  The idea is to get that carbon usage to an average of 0 by offsetting carbon emissions with practices such as planting trees.

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